This morning I held a live informational meeting for folks who wanted to learn about the new Community I'm started with loads of targeted leads and how you can have access to help those leads and invite them to your list . . .

So although the button says register for live event . . . it's an immediate replay from this morning, but you will feel my energy and can imagine you were there!

Here's the thing, one of the top things coaches tell me is that they can coach . . . but they can't find leads.

And the thing is, there are millions of folks out there looking for solutions . .

and you have the solution but they can't find you and you can't find them . .

And today I announced a brand new community I'm creating where we will be intercepting targeted leads and invite them to ask questions in the community, when they ask questions, you answer them and either invite them to your list, or have a signature that invites them . . .so you are building your list


--> As an Inner Circle member, you'll get to offer a weekly training webinar to my Community, and offer it to my clients and leads, and as registrants join and come to your webinar, they can join YOUR coaching or programs . . .


Earlier today I held a live informational meeting, and I recorded it so since you missed it, you can get all the details and decide if you want to be a part  . . or not